June 20, 2021

Higher Education Professionals Share Ways to Nurture Student Success and Prepare Students for Life after College

Bakhtiyor Isoev Released Two New Episodes of the Education & Empowerment Podcast - Powered by Mission Matters

Higher education specialist Bakhtiyor Isoev released two new episodes of the Education & Empowerment Podcast. The episodes feature interviews with George Boggs, Ph.D., president/CEO emeritus of the American Association of Community Colleges and superintendent/president emeritus of Palomar College in San Marcos, California, and Ian Sladen, vice president of cooperative education and career development at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the just-released episodes, Sladen and Dr. Boggs discuss ways to nurture student success, when higher education institutions should partner with outside vendors, and the future of career development.

Factors that Contribute to Student Success

“At its most basic level, student success means learning,” Dr. Boggs says to Isoev in Episode 9. “It means learning new skills, new concepts, and new ways of thinking.” He also notes that student success also means having the ability to set and accomplish goals.

Dr. Boggs says that a relatively straightforward way to increase student success in the classroom is to encourage students to form study groups, as multiple studies have shown that when students work together to learn new material they perform better. In particular, students from marginalized communities tend to do better during college when they receive support from peers and mentors that support their academic journey.

Dr. Boggs shares that student success encompasses much more than attending class and earning good grades, however. It also involves learning from other students through simply interacting with them, whether when participating in extracurricular activities or talking with each other in the dormitory.

Benefits of Partnering with Outside Vendors

Dr. Boggs believes that one way that institutions of higher education can better ensure that their students are successful is to outsource ancillary services, like student services and housing, to outside vendors.

“Because we have such limited resources in higher education, we need to focus them on our true mission and leverage resources by partnering with other organizations that support our mission,” Dr Boggs explains.

Listen to the full interview of Dr. George Boggs with Bakhtiyor Isoev on 4stay.

Trends in the World of Career Development

“Virtual is here to stay,” Sladen says in Episode 8. He states that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown employers that many jobs, including internships for college students, can successfully be done remotely. When it comes to working remotely, Sladen quips, “I just don’t see us putting the genie back in the bottle at this point.”

Sladen also foresees that project-based learning, in which a multidisciplinary team of students directly work with an outside company or organization on one of their projects, will continue to grow in popularity.

Listen to the full interview of Ian Sladen with Bakhtiyor Isoev on 4stay.

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